Deborah takes revenge on Temptation of Tim

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The ultimate relatietest is fully on.. sat night you could be at the FIVE enjoy a double episode of Temptation Island, but unfortunately, provided that output is not immediately the most pain television. A boring dreamdate had the viewer warm-up for the ultimate confrontation between the participants. Which couple will survive the relatietest and for whom is it finally over?
After more than two weeks separated from each other lived the have, were the duo’s one-for-one together. Tv-looking Flanders had been a short time that during this edition of Temptation Island is little hope for some of the participating couples.

What drama there in two weeks, can happen? Very, very, very much. Buckets full of drama in Temptation Island, not in the least for Daniëlle and Mezdi. He flirted around and that images chopped hard at Danielle, even to the extent that they are there soon enough. It was also clear that their relationship is on and off. Danielle had feelings for seducer Fabrizio, and he could even convince to during Temptation Island a tattoo. The reunification did not bring what Was expected: she saw a particularly quiet Mezdi that his fate like a real man sounds like. “Now it is finished, it is finished,” Mezdi to hear. With a simple “Alright, I’m not back hopping”

Also for Megan and Kevin is the story not turned out as they had hoped. Already in the very beginning it was clear that the relationship of this pair would mean. Kevin was a bird for the cat, at the slightest violation of the rules pulled his girlfriend to the conclusion that it is over and out. Megan took revenge and put himself open to the feelings of the tempter, Joshua. “I was just in the fall,” laughs Megan at the campfire. For Megan it was Kevin not a tear is worth more but secretly crying she did on the resort. Megan has during Temptation Island gained more confidence, that confidence she knew not when her relationship with Kevin. Also in this couple, no kiss at the reunion. Both take peace with the fact that it no longer comes between them. For Megan it was the last drop that made the bucket did run through the onrespectvolle statements that he made her. For koekeronde Megan was over and out, especially since those statements already at the first campfire, even before Kevin images of Megan to see.

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