Dan Karaty wants dancers real opportunity

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Dan Karaty, creator and judge of the new dance show, Time to Dance in the RTL 4 program to find the danstoppers of the Netherlands. The purpose of the talentshow to dancers to help them in their career.

Dancing skills may participate as solodanser, duo or group. They will do the first thirty seconds of a ’first impression’ for a screen, that after the act tells whether the ’time to dance’ or ’time to go’. A good first impression has left should go straight to the jury to place his dancing skills in a minute and a half to perform.

“We are not looking for potentially good dancers to grow, we look for dancers who are already the best”, says Dan. The winner goes home with a prize of 50,000 euros. In addition to the cash prize, there is yet another price to the dancers with a next step in their career to help, but wants no details about it.

Great opportunity

“Singing talents for a talent show is often a record deal signs, but dancers come after a victory, often just at home. We want to change this and they have a great opportunity”, says the judge.

The American calls the yout dance level in the Netherlands “incredibly high.” He knows for sure that the winner “at any stage in the world can occur.” Then says aware to go for a professional approach: the jury decides on who can and who is not, people at home are not allowed to vote.

Chantal Janzen, Jamai Loman to present the new dance show whose first episode on april 27th to see on RTL 4. The jury consists of actress Robin Martens (winner of the second season of ” Dance Dance Dance) and Gianinni Semedo Moreira. The latter was a contender on So You Think You Can Dance, after which he created a furore in the United States and he danced with Shakira, Cirque du Soleil and in 2017 at the concert of Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl.

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