Court rejects complaint Manafort on case special prosecutor off

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WASHINGTON – The former campaigner Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, has unsuccessfully objected to the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Manafort was to the right stepped, but ruled that he is not a civil lawsuit can file for a criminal investigation to thwart.

Paul Manafort fished behind the net.

The 69-year-old Manafort find that Mueller his booklet to the outside is gone. The investigation of the special prosecutor led to the persecution of the old campaigner of Trump, who is suspected of money laundering. These accusations are, according to Manafort nothing to do with the main task of Mueller: the investigation of potential Russian interference in the American presidential election.

Manafort had initially demanded that all charges against him would be revoked, but his lawyer came back to later. He asked the court, inter alia, his client, to protect against future prosecution by the special prosecutor. The court stated, however, that any criticism on the prosecution of the former campaigner can be treated during his criminal case.

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