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Bitcoin is Mainstream, and a 40-trillion-Dollar market capitalisation is possible

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The development of the Blockchain technology, as well as of the crypto market is still in its infancy. Bitcoin, however, is now arrived in the Mainstream and in the public media landscape is here to stay. The Wikipedia article about Bitcoin has been more often read as cultural sensations such as Wonder Womand or Elon Musk. Dan Morehead is optimistic that the market could reach a capitalization of $ 40 trillion.

The interest in the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, only the Google Trends, but also the list of the top 50 show most read articles of the year 2017 from Wikipedia. With more than 15 million views of the Bitcoin article was able to push in front of Blockbuster films such as Wonder Woman or Star Wars, celebrities such as Ed Sheeran or Elon Musk excluded.

In a witty and poetic contribution of Wikipedia Senior Editor, JFG, is Bitcoin described as highly speculative and immaterial. Nevertheless, it is highlighted that it would have been a better investment than a Tesla share (free Translation):

For our dear readers who are not able to come to terms with this new: is Bitcoin as good as Gold, shining as the lead, deep in the mines is kept and has made a lot of people crazy.

[…] It is the much-vaunted hochspekeluative intangible “future of money”, as a means of payment previously considered unsuitable. Nevertheless, a investing in Bitcoin in the year 2017 would have been better than to invest in a Tesla share.

Regardless of how much truth is in this article, is in any case clear that Bitcoin in all media, including Wikipedia, has arrived. Any reporting, whether it’s good or bad, is driving the bitcoin adaptation in our lives.

Pantera Capital CEO: 40-trillion-Dollar market capitalisation is possible

The founder of the crypto currency hedge Fund Pantera Capital Dan Morehead, said on Thursday, compared with Bloomberg that he believes that the market capitalization of the crypto market one day could be 40 trillion dollars.

He takes that is the real value of the block chain technology, in his opinion, probably even twice or even more (free Translation):

We think that we are far below the value, perhaps an order of magnitude or two below the true fundamental fair value of the Blockchain . the industry is currently a total of 400 billion dollars. It could easily go to $ 4 trillion and $ 40 trillion are definitely possible.

With a market capitalization of 40 trillion US dollars a Bitcoin, in the same market, the distribution would be approximately a Million dollars in value. Morehead issued a recent buy recommendation, because Bitcoin under its 200-day moving average.

In December of last year, he predicted that the Bitcoin price could fall by more than 50 percent. The top dog, Bitcoin and the crypto market in total was for a long time from mid-January until a few weeks in a bear market, which seems to be slowly overcome.

More heads company has more than a billion market capital. Approximately 10 percent of which the company has invested in Bitcoin, so it is not surprising that the CEO is very bullish on Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin price has recovered, meanwhile, from the small correction, and is on the editorial staff of time at a price of 9.185 dollars. So could a rise in the rate of 3,38 percent within the last 24 hours.

The Marktktapitalisierung of Bitcoin rises to a total of 156 billion dollars. We are optimistic and hope this can be achieved in the short-term price target of the $ 10,000 mark soon. However, only the next days may show where the journey goes.

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