AZ scared to rot to shrieking Weghorst

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The fear was there Friday afternoon, well in during and after the course of AZ. Wout Weghorst came in collision with the goalkeeper Gino Coutinho and was hit hard in the area between the groin and pubic area. The striker of AZ was wailing in pain and screeching of the field.

Wout Weghorst

“The first messages of the doctor don’t say much good,” said trainer John van den Brom, a moment later. “The chance is very small that the match against Ajax on Sunday.”

The training AZ was last after the incident. The shock was great for the players and technical staff. Weghorst hopes Friday to the nearest hospital for a MRI scan. It should reveal what the exact injury is.

In addition Weghorst fog AZ against Ajax, Stijn Wuytens and Oussama Idrissi. They are injured and their season is most likely over. It is so puzzling for Van den Brom and his assistants.

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