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Award-winning nature shows recording of stuffed anteater

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An anteater that under the Brazilian sky sneaks up to a hill, ready to strike. A beautiful image, that therefore was crowned with a prestigious award. Only turns out to be false.

The image bears the title ‘The Night Raider’ and is shot by Brazilian photographer Marcio Cabral. He sent the photo to the Natural history Museum of London, that every year a prestigious natuurfotografiewedstrijd organizes.

The recording also knew the jury to charm, because they awarded it promptly with the first prize. Cabral described the winning image as a ‘fluke’. The animal would be shot binnengewandeld just when he was about to print.

The Natural history Museum was recently contacted by a few people that their thoughts were with the image. The hungry anteater would be a set up instance. One that still displays in the visitor centre, at the entrance of the natural park.


The museum decided on the authenticity of the photo research by a team of five experts, including the taxidermiekenner of the institute. The outcome of their research was devastating for the Brazilian. All five they came, independently, to the conclusion that the anteater in the picture actually has the mounted copy of the visitors ‘ center. The attitude, the morphology and even the fur of the two animals are far too identical.

Cabral denies, however, that he was false would have played. There was even a witness that was with him when the photo was taken. He was working fulltime at the expertenonderzoek. Yet he could not a second image of the animal to submit, to own say because he by the long shutter speed of thirty seconds is simply no second shot could make it.

“After the flash for the first time had gone on, left the animal in the environment, so I had the chance not even a second time to capture’, said Cabral.

‘Disheartening and sad’

That explanation allowed the jury of the photo competition is not convincing. Let them know ‘shocked’ by the fraud. “I find it disheartening and sad that a photographer is so much effort to the competition and its global supporters to mislead,” says a jury member on the BBC.

It is not the first time that the London Natural history Museum a nature photographer caught the scene of a photo. In 2009 showed the picture of a “wild wolf”, which is a fence jumping, in reality, to have been made with a trained animal in a zoo.

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