Antje Monteiro: “May ABBA with modern music?”

6ab8bba5ab5d755ceb84c8056f78516a - Antje Monteiro: "May ABBA with modern music?"

The announced comeback of ABBA has Antje Monteiro pretty excited. The actress, who this season plays the leading role in the ABBA-musical Mamma Mia!, suspect that it is still worth the effort.

Antje Monteiro during a visit to the ABBA museum in Stockholm.

“If we are to be happy about it? Yes, I think so”, responded Antje at RTL. “I am very curious what they’re going to come. I’m also wondering if they are writing those monsterhits not forgotten.”

“They have almost nothing but feel good music”, she continued. “I’m curious as to how they that, in a modern jacket to go casting. I think it’s good to hear.”

ABBA made Friday announced that later this year, two new songs come out. One of the two numbers is called I Still Have Faith In You and will be in december to hear during a television special, broadcast by NBC and BBC. The song is by holograms of the four plays.

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