American comedian Bill Cosby guilty of sexual abuse

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In the new lawsuit against Bill Cosby has the twelve piece jury at a court in the U.s. state of Pennsylvania yesterday on a second day of deliberation, the American comedian found guilty of all three charges of sexual abuse.

The eighty years ‘ Cosby stood for almost three weeks visit for the drugging and sexual abuse of Andrea Constant in her home in January 2004. Himself he keeps insisting that the wife, who yesterday in the courtroom was, had consented to the sex.

His lawyers argued in court that the woman is a “pathological leugenaarster” is that money was. It has, for example, out of court, reach an amicable settlement have been accepted from more than three million dollars.

For the public prosecutor’s office is that payment, however, a proof of debt.

The decision of the jury is a heavy blow for Cosby. He risks, in theory, thirty years in prison, and a fine of $ 25,000 for each charge.

In June 2017, which reached the jury after 52 hours of deliberation in a first process, no agreement. That process ran thus with a damp squib.

Since the scandal around Cosby erupted, came, more than sixty women with accusations of sexual abuse to the address of the comedian. The current process is focused on the indictment of Andrea Constant, a former employee of Temple University in Philadelphia. The other cases were all barred.

The actor started his career as a stand-upcomedian in the sixties. His biggest success, he scored in the eighties with the popular sitcom ‘The Cosby Show’, in which he played Cliff Huxtable, the lovable and wise patriarch of a wealthy black family in New York.

Until within sixty à ninety days to make a decision about a punishment, it continues to Cosby released on bail, according to the NBC News. The comedian fell to the Public Ministry when this is the about whether or not to withdraw the deposit had.

Cosby’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau, is known of the case against the late pop star Michael Jackson, said outside the courthouse that the “battle has not yet ended”. Cosby, who own nothing to reporters said, will appeal against his schuldigbevinding, says defence counsel, according to the American media.

Attorney Kevin Steele said at a press conference that “justice is done”. Cosby is “time escapes” to a statement of guilt for sexual abuse. “Money, power, or your status prevent us not a criminal investigation to open, and persecution”, said the magistrate to the address of the actor.

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