Also university ’of’ Andrea Constant pulls honorary Cosby in

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The American Temple University Bill Cosby of his honorary doctorate taken away. That happened after the octogenarian comedian was guilty found in the drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant, a former employee of the institution.

Bill Cosby leaves the court after he was guilty were

Constant previously worked for the basketball team of the university. They made such knowledge with Cosby, one of the most famous former students of Temple. Which university awarded him in 1991 with an honorary doctorate by his carrièreprestaties, but who is now back in. Earlier names, other large universities have similar distance from the comedian, who by dozens of women accused of abuse.

The former Cosby Show actor, may his honorary doctorate from Boston College, however. “It is not our policy to honorary doctorates. They are awarded to people on the basis of the performance they have delivered at the time of the ceremony”, said a spokesman at the newspaper Boston Globe.

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