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“When it’s time”: the Nasdaq has plans, crypto exchange

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The plans of Nasdaq, and now also to the Bitcoin Ecosystem, seem to be strengthened. At the moment it is missing only on legal bases, Adena Friedman in an Interview. A partnership with Gemini also suggests that you want to protect yourself first, also in the technical area.

From the looks of it, get Binance, Bitstamp & co. soon high-profile competition from the traditional financial system. Because, as Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, opened, drag the US company, in order to act as soon as a crypto stock exchange. At the moment, the legal situation was not yet safe enough. In an Interview with CNBC Friedmann said on 25. April:

“Certainly, the Nasdaq considered to be a crypto exchange. But, if we look at the situation look at us and think: It is time that people are in favour of a regulated market.

In the meantime, the exchange operating company with the new environment. Thus, Nasdaq announced on the same day that you had entered into a partnership with Gemini. The Winklevoss brothers based crypto-exchange will soon use the security technologies in Nasdaq.

Nasdaq collects experience in Gemini

The exchange operating company may, however, make the cooperation with the idiosyncrasies of crypto exchanges is known. In a Statement, the Wachsman Agency, said Yo Kwon, co-founder of coins etter is as follows:

“It is clever of traditional Exchanges such as the Nasdaq, you Know how to get from already-functioning crypto-exchanges, such as the Gemini. From the technical perspective, there are unique challenges, such as the Management of the Wallets. Someone who had to struggle with these challenges already, is helping the Nasdaq to come to the legs, before they devote themselves to the topic.“

Ultimately, it is a positive Signal for the Bitcoin Ecosystem, if the Nasdaq pulls in mention, to the crypto-Business. As a result, the bridge between Bitcoin and the traditional financial system is built:

“This could be a great thing! The regulation is however still in the way. You have to find a model of self-regulation. […] It is not an easy task, but who manages to solve this Problem, find the Holy Grail, by bridging the gap between the traditional and the crypto-Ecosystem“,

Joseph Weinberg, an OECD Think Tank, Special Advisor & Shyft Chairman says.

It shows again: For the crypto-Ecosystem, it is time to get out of its infancy and to grow up. Finally, it is here to stay.

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