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Van Gaal knows where the future lies: “Offer that I cannot refuse”

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Louis Van Gaal (67) keeps the door open for a return if the trainer. That he reported Wednesday night in an interview with Jack Van Gelder. The ex-coach of Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and the Dutch national team has a very wonderful offer on the bag. To which club the are going to want Van Gaal is still not lost.

There is a big chance that Louis Van Gaal, soon to be again along the line. Van Gaal is since his dismissal by Manchester United in 2016 without a club. The Dutch success coach reported, however, that he has an offer that he cannot refuse. Thus disarmed, he immediately earlier statements that he is a point behind his career would have taken. He had these statements subsequently weakened to a sabbatical year and all the offers he received, were denied.

Yet, there is always interest for the coach: “Even though some might not like it, I still get always a lot of offers,” said Van Gaal. “I’m certainly not retired. If I am in July still no club have, may change in the future”.

The Dutchman will not yet say which club him like to hire. A return to old love Ajax see Van Gaal not sit. The club is fully engaged with the internal structure. Among others, former coach of Orange Danny Blind was already a function in the supervisory board. “Nothing for me,” said Van Gaal. “I can have no direct influence on policy.”

Van Gaal was already several times been linked with the Red Devils. In January, he told me that he is this generation Devils would like to coach. The chance is small that there is an offer of the Belgian Football is coming. Vice-president Bart Verhaeghe had already clearly understood that Roberto Martinez only evaluated will be after the world cup and that a new coach is, therefore, not at issue.

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