Van Dijk: ‘Salah? No, I’m the fastest’

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The Mo-show, you will only have to be part of. Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum start at Anfield spontaneously to chuckle about the Egyptian world. Approximately 24 hours after the explosion of Mo Salah and Liverpool enjoy the two Dutchmen after.

Virgil van Dijk

Wijnaldum and Van Dijk have never been in one team played with Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but they now know how it feels to be a player of that class, and greatness at your side. The game of Liverpool was magical and that was also true for the actions and goals of the newly 25-year-old Salah.

This is Messi-like?

Van Dijk: “Yes, certainly. When you see what he can do in the field, in competitions at the highest level. It is actually not normal. He just do it. In addition, he works hard and he is a great personality.”

Wijnaldum: “You are in the game and you think: I need him as much as possible to feed. He is the man in form, he should have the ball. Need others in our team, including me, all about. We need the space for the Mo. We can do that. And then he does his thing. It is a feast to play with him.”

At any moment you had this season that he is on a level above the others ended up?

Wijnaldum: “You see it on the training at the beginning of the season has occurred. He was not immediately top, he grew in the season. After his transfer from AS Roma to us, he felt quickly at home in the team and with our attacking football, I saw his confidence grow. During the season he was getting better and better.”

Van Dijk: “He is of course with a beautiful club ended up in, where everyone you appreciate. The expectations are high here, that I experience myself. But we’re not talking about pressure. You need to perform, for the few days, throughout the year. Mo was chosen as the player of the year in England, he is top scorer and he will continue. The trainer indicates how he wants us to play and we fill that in.”

Is Salah also the fastest man at Liverpool in the selection?

Van Dijk: “No, that’s me…” As the two second silence schatert the defender. “No, no, ready for some playing. I don’t know, actually. To be honest, we don’t do as much as sprinttesten on the training. Look at the program, eh? We do know that he is incredibly fast, but we still have a few very big boys.”

Wijnaldum: “Especially in the front. You can see that we are dangerous if we come out. The nice thing is that the opponent such as AS Roma, so at the Mo is fixed that it creates a space for Sadio Mané and Firmino. That take advantage of them. Sadio had three great chances in the first half. And as Roma than in the other two watch, dives Mo back to the room.”

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