ULB remains with honorary doctorate for director Ken Loach, in spite of the rejection by prime minister

c00ff1a152e8f6b45dc2ab34a390651e - ULB remains with honorary doctorate for director Ken Loach, in spite of the rejection by prime minister

The Brussels university ULB maintains that the British director Ken Loach, despite the criticism of recent days, today awarded an honorary doctorate. That has rector Yvon Englert this morning said in an interview on La Premiere. Loach is accused of anti-semitism and denial, but Englert rejects these accusations. At the same time, it states that his university is independent. Last night we had prime minister Charles Michel his disapproval over the choice of his alma mater to Loach to reward.

Englert said to agree with the premier when he says that no form of anti-semitism to be tolerated may be. In a speech Wednesday night in the Great Synagogue of Brussels for the 70th anniversary of Israel, had Michel added that even his alma mater anti-semitism should not be tolerated.

“I have the prime minister no lessons or criticism to give,” says Englert. “He’s doing what he thinks he should do, but the university is watching very much about her independence. Autoriteitsargumenten are arguments that one can’t accept in a setting of free inquiry.”

Englert assured that the university of the controversial quotes from Loach’s “justice and independence” had been investigated. Decision was that Loach is in no way denial or anti-semitism aangewreven could be. “Do you think that the universities of Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool Hope or the ULB with the anti-semitism flirting?”

The ULB rector also warned the voices of the controversy “is a political match”. He says to be sad about the division within the university, “we do not want to have”. His university’s fight against anti-semitism and xenophobia, it sounds still.

At the request of the ULB has the filmmaker on Tuesday reiterated that he is “every form of denial of the Holocaust” strongly condemns, and that he was shocked to have such a clarification should provide.

On the cv of the 81-year-old film director, are two Golden Palms at the Cannes film Festival, for “The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ in 2006 and ‘I, Daniel Blake’ from 2016. Loach is known for his social realist style and socialist themes in his movies intertwines.

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