These CELEBRITIES got a ribbon

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Also, among the CELEBRITIES, it’s raining ribbons today. We put them in front of you in a row:

Edwin Evers, Hardenberg – The 538-radio dj who recently made himself known at the end of this year to stop his decades-long career, got the medal he received as an ambassador of Unicef in the Netherlands and for recording of educational films for children, he Also supports actively the Ronald McDonald children’s Fund. In his own home town of Hardenberg, he is active in football club HHC Hardenberg.

Caroline Tensen, Amsterdam – They got her a ribbon for her commitment on behalf of Orange Babies for babies and mothers with hiv in Africa. In addition, she is ambassador of Stichting Doen and the DUTCH cancer foundation.

Jenny Arena, Amsterdam – the Actress and singer Jenny Arena and won a ribbon because ” her audience is through her laugh, let it inspire and move us’.

Rotjoch, Diemen – Rotjoch receives the award for his contribution to the Dutch society. With the BNNVARA program 101Barz he has a lot of beginning artists a stage, meaning that they could break and their voice could be heard. In addition, he will receive the award for coach and mentor of young hiphoptalent and the aid and support he adolescents who have difficulties in society.

Izaline Calister, Groningen – Calister is distinguished as an artist by using her repertoire to bridge the gap between the traditional music of her native island Curaçao and jazz, with Afro-Caribbean influences, always sung in Papiamento. Thus, she is an important ambassador of the Curaçao culture in the Netherlands and abroad.

Michael van Gerwen, Heusden – The 29-year-old Van Gerwen is the youngest that today, a ribbon was, for his merits in the dartsport. He is also the youngest player ever to reach a world championship darts won, in 2015. He was last year once again world champion. Also, he won three times the prestigious Premier League of Darts. He is currently on the first spot in the world rankings.

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