The troubadour voted the most beautiful songfestivallied

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The troubadour is by listeners of NPO Radio 5 program Spotlight, voted the most beautiful Dutch songfestivaltekst ever written. The song, which Lenny Kuhr in 1969 the Eurovision song Contest, won, got 71 percent of the votes, thereby overtaking The mallemollen of Ed Lester, and ’t Is enough of Conny Vandenbos.

The text of The troubadour comes from the hand of David Hartsema, but also a singer Lenny Kuhr had the necessary contribution in the creation of the song. “Yes, and that is an important part to become”, she says to radio host Hijlco Span. “Of me, came ‘la, la, la, la’. I got the text was sent and that was through the post. I made it open, when I was 18 years old, and it was: ’Lenny, you have a few kind words, I hope you can use it.’ And I read it, I grabbed my guitar and headed to my girls room, in the attic. I had such a sense for as soon as a song. My parents were in bed and I was so excited, that I just wake up.

Listeners of the program had a top ten compiled, from which the jury, consisting of lyricist Belinda Meuldijk, poet Ingmar Heytze and the Flemish singer-songwriter Niels Boutsen, then, the three finalists chose. “It makes me always think of a painting by Frans Hals,” says Meuldijk. Lenny’s new cd stores to my feel still on The troubadour and the timelessness of that song. Very nice.” Closer Heytze connect with. “Two of the three songs we have chosen will have a link with eternity. And that goes for this song the most, I think.”

According to jury member Niels Boutsen, aka Stoomboot, was the song his first acquaintance with music. “My father always wanted to be a songwriter, but was not so talented. So then he switched to playing the most beautiful songs, but also he was not so good. So if there is finally a song that he could play, he continued for years to do. This song, The troubadour, played it when I was little, so I even think that this is the first musical glimmer was that I was in my life I’ve had.”

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