‘The Long Walk’ by Stephen King made into a feature film

03c3a562d08cec4bcd05ab79823ea4ad - 'The Long Walk' by Stephen King made into a feature film

Stephen King has been price: more than fifty books of the succesauteur were already filmed, and the dystopian horror story ‘The Long Walk’ from 1979, the 70-year-old American another one is a credit to his cv.

Under the pseudonym of Bachman’s ‘The Long Walk’ in 1979 published. The American screenwriter James Vanderbilt, the scenarios of “The Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘Zodiac’ dated, has a script ready for the film.

‘The Long Walk’ tells the story of a marathon in a dystopian future, in which 100 teenagers accompanied by armed guards to participate. They fall one by one, until one person left. Allegedly the perspective of the teenagers, the story made attractive for film studio New Line Cinema, because it is a ‘Hunger Games’-feeling evokes.

The relationship between New Line Cinema and King may fruitful be called, with the last year released blockbuster ‘It’. A sequel is coming, with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader as the three grown-up members of the former Losers’ Club. Also other movie studios jump on the bandwagon: Universal has recently released the rights to the film adaptation of ‘the Tommyknockers’, directed by James Wan. Paramount will also get a share of the pie with the remake of ‘Pet Sematary’.

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