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Stoffel Vandoorne: “I am approaching now the level of a world champion”

e4f5de5040434ef342eef5482c142a3b - Stoffel Vandoorne: “I am approaching now the level of a world champion”

Stoffel Vandoorne believes that he is this season better under difficult circumstances, a good performance to put down, just like his team-mate Fernando Alonso. That told Vandoorne against the British ‘motor Sport’.

The debuutseizoen of Stoffel Vandoorne went with trial and error. Our countryman had his first season in Formula 1, finishing with a team that is in a deep crisis dipped. The McLaren-Honda was not looking forward to burning and rummaged behind the scenes at the British-Japanese formation.

The difference with his team-mate Fernando Alonso was at the beginning of the season significantly. Throughout the season we saw Vandoorne fighting back in the last races without hesitation assured the counterpart of the two-time world champion to be called.

In the off-season switched from McLaren over from Honda to Renault power, but it succeeds for the moment in the society to flee. Vandoorne qualified three times for about two and a half tenth behind Alonso and threw high eyes with a prachtrace in Bahrain where he from last place to the eighth place reed.

Vandoorne put courage from such a performance and tells that he has the ability of Alonso approaches to difficult situations can still have the maximum out of the fire drag.

“He knows a number of things to overcome so as to a number of critical moments to work in a race weekend,” said Vandoorne. “That is one of his strengths, circumstances, make not from, he always delivers 99 percent. I have a lot learned from this.”

“I am undoubtedly much stronger and I am now also much more capable when the circumstances tegenzitten.”

The McLaren seems not to be able to have a quick kwalificatierondje to deliver and so we have Vandoorne not yet in Q3 seen in 2018. That makes Alonso and Vandoorne on Sunday, usually on the stalk are designated.

Alonso knew all of 22 points this season compared to six for Vandoorne. That’s because our fellow countryman, a difficult race grew in China but he looks at the battle with Alonso along the positive side.

“I have a great benchmark,” says Vandoorne. “I know perfectly that when we get the last hundredths of the fight are we one hundred percent out of our package. When I’m on a day world champion wants to be, I should be able to beat.”

Stoffel is not afraid to admit that it’s quite a difficult adjustment period experienced last year. For someone who has so many successes achieved in the preliminary race series, it was hard to have expectations.

“We knew that last year would be difficult to get even a point to score, that requires a completely different approach. In the beginning it was hard, but gradually you learn to handle the things and the middle and last of the season was good.”

“You need new goals for yourself, determine and at the end it was meaningful that we are certain difficulties had been overcome,” concludes Vandoorne.

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