Still a victim of ’Münster’ death

d09b7ba85ff3c155f3e7a02d6c211105 - Still a victim of ’Münster’ death

MÜNSTER – A small, three weeks after the attack, with a camper van in Münster is one of the victims who was hit later died. The death toll is now three. According to the police, it concerns a 74-year-old man from the city of Hamm to his injuries has died. There are now six people in the hospital, two of whom in the intensive care unit. They are no longer in danger.

On april 7, drove the 48-year-old German Jens R. a motorhome in on a busy terrace in the city centre of Münster. Therefore, two people directly to the life, more than twenty were injured, among them some Dutch. After his dodenrit committed, the perpetrator committed suicide.

The research conducted on his motive and background is not finished yet. The police assumes that R. suicidal. He was known to the authorities. His father thinks that a psychological condition him to this act has driven.

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