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SocialMedia.The Market is set to revolutionise the Influencer market

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For many, the term “Blockchain” is, in General, with Bitcoin or crypto currency equivalent. It is a logical connection. However, the Blockchain technology is so much more than that. As a high-performance Distributed Ledger technology, the Blockchain technology has the potential to change existing business processes in a sustainable way. One of the areas that will benefit the most from the technology, advertising and Marketing, in particular in the Form of Influencer Marketing.

According to Werner Geyser, the founder of the Influence Marketing Hub that offers “the Influencer Marketing is a great opportunity for brands to make their messages accessible to a wider audience. The Blockchain technology, in turn, provides for the urgently needed regulation, and transparency between brands and Influencers, and ultimately provides security for all Involved“.

After Social Media.Market (SM.M) has just completed his ICO for the SMT Token with 13.946 ETH (approximately 6.5 million USD), the company aims to be the driving force, the potential of the Blockchain in conjunction with the Mainstream-Influencer-Marketing.

The company was founded in the end of 2016, CEO and founder Dmitry Shyshov investigated how widely used Online Ad-Blocker to be used. During his research, he presented the possibilities for the Influencer Marketing industry. Shyshov itself is a kind of Influencer. He was one of the founders of R Games, one of the largest private game retailers, as well as Nontita, the company behind the CSGO.CASH-marketplace for virtual items.

“Influencers” are people with a large following in social networks and in the Blog-sphere, can boast of a loyal audience. They often recommend products and services that you like, and your audience tends to react positively by looking for often the same products and services and buy.

It is the kind of advertising, the love marketing departments. Recommendations of the right Influencers can pay off for a brand tremendously. The challenge for advertisers is to find the right Influencers for your products and services. Most people would probably agree Shyshov, when he argues that digital advertising is nowadays very Intrusive.

We wanted to create a solution for brands and Influencers are not interested in, to fool your audience. Our goal is to provide a platform that allows advertisers to search for relevant Influencers and effective advertising campaigns. We plan to also analysis tools to optimize the entire process.

It is estimated that almost three billion people around the world make daily use of social networks. Approximately 40% of the world’s population. In the near future is not foreseeable that this Trend will weaken. Very likely the Influencer Marketing industry will continue to grow.

Influencer Marketing is to discover effectively in the “Digital Natives”, Generation Z and Millennials (16-34 years), the new products and brands through Social Media and Vlogs. In a 2017 study published in “Influencer Marketing” Data Activate reported that 67% of advertisers plan to increase their Influencer Marketing Budget in the next year.

Influencer Marketing expert, Shane Barker claims that well over half (69%) of the advertisers, the Influencer Marketing to use it effectively. 73% indicate that it helps in lead generation and a further 93% of the respondents said that it increases the brand awareness. It is expected that this Trend will continue to grow.

Influencer Marketing could be a simple solution for modern advertising. However, there are still a number of hurdles for digital marketers, one of which is the complicated and often non-transparent payment system. Extreme price fluctuations, price inflation, and payment failures are serious problems. Often, but advertisers with the finished product of the Influencer is not satisfied and will not pay.

Here is the platform of SM.M in the game. The use of Social media.Market uses Smart-Contracts that specify the terms and conditions and prices for the services. Since the Blockchain data is stored in multiple locations, can spread the Information, but not modified, which makes it completely public and quickly verifiable. SM.M facilitates the fair exchange of benefits between all Stakeholders.

With the System, the contract fee can be deposited up to the fulfilment of the Smart-Contract obligations laid down in trust. Subsequent Changes to the obligations would automatically be the Smart Contract added. Once the project is completed and the obligations are fulfilled, you are paid out the money.

SM.M also provides for a decentralized component to the settlement of the dispute, in which the platform votes of users for the resolution of disputes in contentious cases. Another project that offers a solution to many of the problems in the market, is a Native Video Box (NBI).

The platform provides a distributed Video-distribution system, which is licensed video content placed on web pages, and so the video Creator additional audience numbers. The Widget of the NBI is embedded on a Website, the AI technology of the company selects the most suitable website.

In Essence, the NBI waived a large fee model, so that the Content producers and distributors can get up to 75% of the advertising revenue, with 60% to the Publisher, 15% to the copyright holder. The project founders believe that NVBs ability to share advertising revenue directly with which, the content is really to create and distribute, the best video artists and the best Websites promoting.

The Blockchain technology can eliminate other current problems, such as the measurement of effectiveness and the Problem of fraud, many advertisers is referred to as the most pressing Problem in the industry. This includes Influencers, Advertisers and marketers are brought together on one platform, Tracking and analysis tools, and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process implemented.

SM.M plans, an unlimited number of bloggers from all the major social networks, brands and businesses of any size to its Blockchain-a platform to bring together. All prices are transparent and all participants are treated equally.

All in All, the NBI shares this approach looks at the Blockchain, but also as an important financial solution that is on the one hand, the advertising agencies with the assurance that the agreed compensation be paid, and on the other hand, the platform payments streamlines in the global market. For this purpose, the NBI Token will be until the end of April, in the framework of the ICOs available.

SM.M-Advisor Chafik Abdellaoui (freely translated):

The Blockchain is the bridge between Influencers and their Fans. Direct communication, Fairness, and transparency – this is the true communication.

His enthusiasm for the technology is shared by his colleague from the Marketing area. Tatsunari Ono:

The Social Media audience in Japan is huge, which is why I am of this project. SocialMedia.The Market believes that the Blockchain technology can solve the problem, the Influencer today. That is why I supported you and am going to use the platform early on.

The recently completed ICO for the company enjoyed great popularity on the Asian markets, where just over 75% of all tokens were sold. The SMT-Token-was especially popular in Japan, where about 70% of the Tokens were purchased.

SM.M worked with ICOBox, a SaaS solution for companies that want to operate their own ICOs and was of Daria Generalova and Dima Zaitsev advise. Generalova is specialized in the Asian Kryptowährungsmärkt and played an important role in the Advisory Board.

The next steps for Social media.Market have already started with the Distribution of the SMT Token. The complete product with all the Features to come in the autumn of this year on the market.

In addition, Social media addiction.Market are currently seeking strategic partnerships for the research and development. To this end, the SM.M-Team Native Video Box as a promising Partner – the two companies operate in adjacent markets and offer complementary solutions that have been developed from slightly different perspectives. Together, they want to work on it, the fast-growing Social-Media Marketing, and Video advertising to revolutionize the industry.

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