SEE: cute Dreamy steals the show (mama Blac Chyna)

e4c6139defee32e8aa2b8155eb1164f2 - SEE: cute Dreamy steals the show (mama Blac Chyna)

Blac Chyna should be a feisty aunt, her daughter, Dreamy is the cuteness itself. With pink haarextentions, and a sweet spijkerjurkje steals the show on the continue of selfies forgive Instagrampaginavan the realityster.

Blac Chyna knows very well the attention to conquer, but this time wins the daughter of Dreamy the of her

And with a recordscore of more than half a million likes, also appear to its followers to give preference to the innocence of the daughter Dreamy above the spicy poses of the model. That sexy self-portraits are doing it exceptionally well when they are above the two hundred thousand likes come true.

Maybe the followers, the cute little head of the anderhalfjarige girl is a welcome change from the many bare legs, duckfaces and sultry glances of the former stripper.

Blac Chyna gives the daughter of her ex Rob Kardashian in the spotlight very much. “My beautiful baby girl,” she writes in the picture.

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