Sarah Jessica Parker have been sued by jewelry business to

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The American actress Sarah Jessica Parker is being sued by jewelry business Cat Florence Design. According to the company is Parker a lot of appointments not met.

Parker had signed a contract worth around 7 million euro. Then, if the company has a juwelenlijn emt her name release. The actress had to advertise for the company.

There is the exactly wrong according to Cat Florence Design. Parker is her appointments according to the company several times not fulfilled. So she has the opening of a shop in London cancelled, while she was in town. In addition, she has no interviews were given about the brand, she wore no jewelry of Cat Florence Design during the Golden Globes in 2017 and follows the company not even on Instagram.

The actress chose promoting her own fragrance, or the televisieserei Divorce, where they had a role in, above the jewels.

Cat Florence Design has Parker already more than 3 million euro was paid, but says now that they have nothing in return.

A spokesperson for Parker has against the American PageSix said that the actress committed to all of the appointments kept and the rest of the money also wants.


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