Sadness at Bayern to early uitvalbeurt Robben

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Thomas Müller fed Wednesday after the defeat against Real Madrid (1-2) as a plug of the fact that Arjen Robben all in the eighth minute with an injury to the side had.

Arjen Robben leaves balend the field.

“It is very annoying when someone so early lost. Especially if there is more to someone early to the hand, it must,” said the German, referring to the injury to defender Jérôme Now, in the 34th minute, the field had to clean up.

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The South Germans were just on a 1-0 lead came against the defending champion. Yet it was still wrong. “We have recovered our handsome, but in the end, simply too naive played”, was Müller further, after the end of the first duel for a spot in the final of the Champions League.

“We have so many opportunities, but we just weren’t sharp enough. I sat during the rest sarcastically laughing in the dressing room. It was 1-1, but we were there just a lot better to be there in that moment. Much better. We have Real in the saddle helped, and that hurts. We scored just not. We had a better result should drop, but fortunately, everything is still possible in the return.”

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Thomas Müller can be a sarcastic smile, not suppress it.

Joshua Kimmich, the creator of the 1-0, couldn’t believe that his team, finally with a defeat of the field was stepped. “We have been given many opportunities. Even more than last week against Hannover 96. I believe that Real two times the target has shot and scored.”

Toni Duckweed, which, in 2014, from Bayern to Real transfereerde, gave frankly admit that The Royal was lucky in the Allianz Arena. “Bayern was perhaps the better team, yes. We have not best played, we had a very difficult time.”

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