Rijkaard: ‘At the Hag deserves a chance’

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Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag gets support from an unexpected corner. Frank Rijkaard broke the unveiling of the logo of the Johan Cruyff stand up for the embattled coach.

Erik ten Hag

“I find that Ajax is obliged to Erik ten Hag in each case to give the opportunity to do what he did with Ajax wants to do, because he is, of course, on a difficult moment to get in,” said the former national coach and coach of FC Barcelona.


“We should not forget. Erik deserves that and I hope that he is going to deliver. That is good for the club Ajax and the rest”, said Rijkaard who, At the Hag, anyway, will not follow. “Or I self-ambitions? No, I only do to kroegpraat. You are going to not look back. Only now.”

The former top player of Ajax, AC Milan, and Orange hopes that Ajax again soon result books. “The name Johan Cruijff ArenA is in each case inspiring for Ajax. But whether that success will bring, depends on the team, on the field and how it is going. We carry Ajax, all with a warm heart and worked very hard to make it a fantastic year. And where is worked, you also need to have confidence.”

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