Requirement is lifelong for aanslagpleger Stockholm

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STOCKHOLM – prosecutors in Sweden, a life sentence is demanded against the man suspected of an attack with a truck in Stockholm last year. “A different punishment than lifelong is not an issue,” said the Public Prosecutor.

The forty-year Uzbek defendant has previously announced that he on april 7, 2017 with a stolen truck rammed pedestrians in a major shopping street in the Swedish capital. The attack came five people killed, including an eleven year old girl.

As soon as the Uzbek his penalty has expired, he needs some justice to be expelled. Lifelong convicts in the Scandinavian country, on average, after sixteen years released.

According to his lawyer he wanted to with his act of Sweden, force the international fight against the Islamic State. His motive was “fear of sowing,” said the counselor.

“He rode in on families, women, children, young people and the elderly. He was completely ruthless,” said the public prosecutor. In the two-month process, more than a hundred witness statements. The pleadings, the following week continued.

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