Record number of farmers wants a wife

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Yvon Jaspers will feel very honored: more than six hundred farmers wrote a letter to the program, in their quest to find the love of their life. That report, the KRO-NCRV.

Yvon Jaspers

“It’s great that they trust with them to go in search of the love. That is a great compliment!”, find Jaspers. Nevertheless, should they now more farmers to disappoint you: the programme is only place for ten farmers. “While we would like all of them a place in the program.”

The choice fell on ’funny, surprising, opinionated, and beautiful farmers’, in age ranging from mid twenties to sixty years old. “They are eager to be a beautiful balmy summer meet. I am really looking forward to.”

On Sunday 13 may be the farmers back presented on tv by the host, and the viewers for one of them to fall, two weeks have the time to write a letter. In the fall, the tried and tested series to be seen on the tube.

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