PICTURES – Ronaldo furious at Kuipers

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Cristiano Ronaldo responded Wednesday as a small child whose toy was taken away, when referee Bjorn Kuipers in the duel with Bayern Munich a goal of the Portuguese rejected because of hands.

Cristiano Ronaldo does not agree with Bjorn Kuipers.

The decision of the arbitrator was, however, fully to justify. Ronaldo took the ball with his left arm before he and his ‘lesser’ left foot in the far corner, tap lap.

The star of Real Madrid could not believe that the Dutch leader, his hit is rejected. He had the idea that he hit the ball with his shoulder had touched. It led to emotional scenes: outrage, anger, sadness and a sense of injustice fought for precedence at the attacker.

If Kuipers does not have intervened had Real on 1-3 come. It remained in the Allianz Arena, however, at 1-2, making The Royal well on track for the third time in as many years, the Champions League final. The last two versions were both won by the team of Zidane.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes the ball clear with his arm.

Before Ronaldo came there in the South of Germany to an end a series of eleven Champions League matches in a row in which he had just managed to find. A record that he this season took over from Ruud van Nistelrooy, who in 2003/2004 on behalf of Manchester United in nine consecutive games in the miljoenenbal a hit is produced.

However, should Ronaldo be satisfied. By the victory over Bayern Munich picked up the 33-year-old winger just another record. He he is now at 96 victories in Champions League, one more than the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who has the record for many years in the hands.



The feeling of injustice…

And sadness…


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