Paramount confirms arrival of two new Star Trek movies

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On film CinemaCon, the CEO of Paramount revealed that the film studio is working on two new Star Trek movies. That report filmsite Screenrant. The franchise seemed to be on its peak – thus fell the yield of ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ from 2016 heavily against – but is now being revived again.

No less than Quentin Tarantino entered into an agreement with Paramount to be at the helm of a Star Trek movie. According to Spock actor Zachary Quinto has the studio plans to have at least one extra movie to make, and that this was also unequivocally confirmed by Paramount-CEO Jim Gianopulos, without going into detail.

Paramount had even more good news in store, as it announced an official sequel to ‘Cloverfield’. The found-footage movie from 2008, about a giant monster that by Manhattan, roams, was at the time an unexpected success. With “10 Cloverfield Lane’ and ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ were two films that, more or less linked to the ‘Cloverfield’-universe, but real successors, they could hardly be called that.

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