Original Temptation Tim has come up with first

Original Temptation Tim has come up with first

Tim De Pril did in the early years of the Temptation Island twice participated in the program. First, as a couple, and later as a tempter. Tim De Pril was a real BV thanks to his relationship with Ann Van Elsen.

In Gert Late Night came Tim De Pril further along to give his opinion about that other “Temptation Tim”… Tim De Pril keeps himself on the plain when it comes to its namesake in the current season of Temptation Island. Big statements, he omitted but he gives a big compliment to the people of the casting because “you need them there to do but lash out,” says The Tender. But Tim De Pril also spent a first on the sofa with Gert Verhulst and James Cooke.

Tim De Pril is currently fully settled and has a stable relationship with Melissa Thimble, second eredame of Miss Belgium 2013. Tim and Melissa are almost a year married and welcomed in september their first child together. And Tim De Pril has more memorable news for little Louis will soon be a big brother, announced he’s not without pride.

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