Nine Israeli teenagers were killed by floods

1504cd96fa17ae5a979a60c3a09751c1 - Nine Israeli teenagers were killed by floods

NAHAL TSAFIT – Nine Israeli youths on Thursday to life by heavy flooding in the south of the country.

The nine were part of a group of 25 young people in the age of seventeen and eighteen years of age. They were swept away by the water during an excursion in the desert of Arava, writing in the Israeli media. The fifteen others from the group have been saved.

Since the morning there was heavy rainfall in the south of Israel. A spokeswoman of the Israeli police, spoke on the radio about a “tragedy that could have been prevented.” Given the weather conditions, there were explicit warnings to not be on a field trip to go in the area.

Wednesday were already two young people killed by floods in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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