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Nasdaq is considering the introduction of a Cryptocurrency stock exchange

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Multi-trillion Dollar exchange, the Nasdaq is considering according to Reports, the introduction of a Cryptocurrency exchange.

This news came about after an Interview with the Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman on the American TV channel CNBC. She revealed, referring that while there are currently no plans for its own stock exchange, Nasdaq currently “other crypto exchanges technology provides” on the company’s work with the Gemini platform. The technology is a monitoring software that monitors trade, to ensure fair and “rule-based market”.

Nasdaq, the second largest exchange in the world, wants to be Friedman, with the creation of a regulated crypto-market. The stock market should be with its own security mechanisms, and increased liquidity of the current platforms superior to. Liquidity is a long-standing Problem for crypto-currency traders, and is generally made as part of the for the incredibly volatile crypto-currency prices. With Nasdaqs available volume of 9 trillion pounds in order to improve this, would be welcomed by many in the crypto-field.

In the Interview, Friedman expressed their Faith in the long-term existence of crypto-currencies – this is a clear Bullish Signal from one of the most prominent figures of the traditional financial sector. Currently, the platform waits, however, that prior to the full market, a clear regulatory admission framework.

“I believe that digital currencies will continue to exist, it is only a question of how long it will take until the industry is Mature… we Want to provide a regulated market ready?” Of course, Nasdaq would think about it.

Friedman’s comments are a clear sign of the progress the Cryptocurrency industry already has accomplished. Last year, the total market capitalization rose from crypto-currencies to around $800 billion USD, before they lost in a spectacular Crash about half of their value. This caused some concerns that this could mean the end of crypto-currencies, Friedman’s comments show, however, that the great financial institutions are aware of the longevity of crypto-currencies be aware of.

While crypto-currencies and their regulations evolve, it is clear that the financial sector will increasingly be in the crypto-industry involved in Digital currencies are too big to be ignored.

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