Mike Pompeo new minister of Foreign Affairs USA

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The U.s. Senate last Thursday, the nomination by president Donald Trump of CIA director Mike Pompeo to the ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed.

Pompeo is the successor of Rex Tillerson, who by Trump in march, lane was sent. His appointment was, however, not without a fight. There were after a heated benoemingsdebat 57 votes for and 42 against, reports NBC News. Several Democrats voted with the Republican majority.

Pompeo, the seventieth minister of Foreign Affairs of the USA, like a hawk. He has two major issues on his desk: the nuclear agreement with Iran and the issue of North Korea.

Today was Pompeo director of the intelligence service and the CIA. In that capacity, met Pompeo recently the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in preparation for a summit between Kim and Trump.

After Pompeo yet but the oath had been taken, announced a spokeswoman for the State Department that the new head of the American diplomacy Friday to join a meeting of NATO in Brussels. Then he travelled to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Jordan.

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