Macron fear that Trump Iran-deal dismisses

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WASHINGTON – The president of france Emmanuel Macron has at the end of his state visit to the United States said that he fears that the United States nuclear agreement with Iran will tear up. “It does not seem likely that Donald Trump in the agreement remains”, said the French head of state during a press conference.

“I don’t know what the American decision will be. But a rational analysis of the statements of Trump about the last time makes me not believe that he does all he can to in the agreement to continue,” said Macron.

Macron called earlier Wednesday in a speech to the Us Congress the Americans not to turn away from the world. He pointed out that politicians on the critical role their country has played in “creating and guarding the free world as we know it now.”

Also told me that Macron even that it can be tempting to isolationism and nationalism as a temporary solution for our fears.” “But the door to the world will close the evolution of the world does not stop,” warned the French president, who is in trouble called for the international community is facing. He referred to nuclear weapons, social inequality and climate change.

Trump also expressed this week its concern about the atoomakkoord. He called it Tuesday “insane and ridiculous.” Macron suggested an opening by the “building of something new that caters to all of our worries.”

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