Macron expects Trump to withdraw from Iran accord

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The French president Macron expected that the US nuclear agreement with Iran will terminate. He said that at the end of his state visit to the US.

‘A rational analysis of the statements of president Trump makes me not suspect that he is the Iranian deal will be retained, ” said Macron Wednesday evening at a press conference. “I believe he is for domestic reasons of the agreement.’

Emmanuel Macron declared not to know with a surety what the American president about the Iran deal will decide, but that his feeling is based on the conversations that he the past few days had with his Us counterpart in the White House.

12 may

The French president was the first foreign guest to president Trump on an official state visit should come. Wednesday, he spoke to the U.s. Congress. In his speech he had president Trump also already called up to his responsibility to take the agreement with Iran to continue to respect. Macron shows itself to be willing to work on a new deal.

President Trump takes over at the latest on may 12 a decision on the Iranian nuclear agreement. The U.S., Great Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany locks that agreement with Tehran in 2015 to prevent the regime of the mollahs nuclear weapons developed.

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