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Lotto-Soudal draws with six Belgians to Giro: “The chance to win the pink jersey is realistic”

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Lotto Soudal draws with six Belgians to the 101st Tour of Italy, which is Friday next week in Israel begins. Sports director Bart Leysen gives notes on the eight selected offices, with different team leaders for all areas. “We opted for stage wins”, it sounds.

In time trials

“It was at the announcement of the course immediately obvious that we , Victor Campenaerts (26) in our selection of would record since the Giro starts with a time trial,” said Bart Leysen. “Victor has been meticulously prepared for the openingstijdrit in Jerusalem. He drove this week was a good prologue in Romandie (fifth, 5 seconds behind winner Michael Matthews, ed.), on a type of course that does not suit his qualities. With him we want to next week Friday, do a throw to the pink jersey. The chances are that he is the pink picks up is realistic, but I can’t put a percentage on the stick. The sixteenth stage is against the clock and ridden in a time trial of around 34 kilometers. Also he can for the victory fight.”

In the sprints

“We will go with one leader for the sprints at the Giro, and that is Jens Debusschere (28). There are five to six sprintetappes, including the second and third stage in Israel. We have faith in Jens. In the sprintetappes we will resolutely his card draw and with the team committed to sprint to the end. Tosh Van der Sande (27) will be the task of the lead-out. He is very good in to for piloteren of someone in the hectic pace to a sprint before.”

In the attack

Adam Hansen (37 during the Giro) has to prepare for his twentieth Grand Tour in a row. In the beginning of the season performed he was not as we had expected, but the past few weeks he has prepared for the Giro. Many eyes will be on him. I certainly see possibilities for him to attack, just think of the first two stages in Sicily, but he also plays an important role in the service of Jens Debusschere in the sprintetappes. Also Lars Bak (38) will be in which rides a key role to play; on him you can always count on. He may be long on the head of the drive in the sprintetappes, but also for the other riders, he may mean something. So he would in some rides Tim Wellens to for can guide in the final.”


Tim Wellens (that 27 is, during the Giro) is very motivated to go after the ardennes classics to the Giro to pull. He would like a second stage win to his palmares to add. For him, there are a lot of opportunities, because a lot of stages to lend itself to a breakaway. What rides he will pick and choose, we will still determine. The same goes for Sander Armée (32). His condition went the last time in a rising line, also he is ready for the Giro. He is a true survivor and in the Vuelta gave him that last year a nice victory. Of course this is no guarantee that it is also in the Giro will succeed, but it shows that he has; moreover, that stage win in the Vuelta him extra self-confidence. The mountains jersey is not a goal in itself for us, I prefer that we win stages. But when you will get in breakaways, follow the points are often obvious and therefore, there is always a chance that we the mountains for three weeks once in the team.”

For the adventure

“Finally, there is our rookie Frederik Frison (25). For the evolution of a rider is the drive of a Big, Round designated, and he has the age to be to start this adventure. We put no pressure on him, he just need to make sure that he does his job for the team can do. He may, if the opportunity presents itself certainly go in flight, but we do not expect of him that he countless times in the attack pulls. The most important thing is that he has his powers, and knows how to dose for three weeks. Experienced rot if Adam Hansen and Lars Bak will him sure guide.”

“We opted for stage wins”

“In addition to the sprintetappes where Jens Debusschere our leader is, we want the same tactics apply as in the Vuelta last year: attacks,” explains Leysen together. “We donít have any gc ambitions to nurture, we give each rider the chance to escape to go in the non-sprintetappes. We opted for stage wins. There is now for the first time, with teams of eight instead of nine riders raced in a Grand Tour. For teams with a sprinter and a klassementsrenner in the ranks can increase the pressure. Breakaways will result in more opportunities to get to the finish line to keep ahead. In sprintetappes will be there for us to get allies to find.”

The eight names of the selectienog once-in-a-row: Sander Armée, Lars Bak, Victor Campenaerts, Jens Debusschere, Frederik Frison, Adam Hansen, Tosh Van der Sande and Tim Wellens.

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