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Litecoin price analysis: Assume the cops the rudder?

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To see the Chart, the LTC / GBP 4h candle.

LTC has been tested after his last higher High of€ 135 four Times the green highlighted support zone and continues to hold above the EMA 200 (4h; blue).

Bitcoin should continue to fall and LTC is not under the designated Zone, a re-Test of recent highs is falling a realistic short-term trading target.

Shown in this context, a possible Long Trade to target price 1 at 127€ with a risk/reward ratio of 1.66.

For the eventual continuation of the bull time short-trends, is a Candle close above 135€ with höhererem RSI value is a good indication.

Friday the CME Bitcoin Futures for April close. Therefore, BTC should be in terms of LTC to keep an eye on. (CME)

Whether Litecoin will follow the bullish Trend will show in the next hours and days.

Regardless of the Course set-up the Litecoin-Wirex debit card was already announced for a long time, however, there was until yesterday still no release. Yesterday the long-awaited Litecoin Wallet has been released on Wirex officially.

Litecoin was preferred as a payment option, since it is (loosely translated):

faster than Bitcoin’s lower transaction fees and to find in the next few months as a payment option on some big brand web sites could be.

Wirex is a provider of crypto-currency wallets which are associated with Visa debit cards. For more information on the official website.

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