Kim Kardashian: Kanye can say what he want

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Kim Kardashian defends tweets of Kanye

LOS ANGELES – The Twitter-rant Kanye West is still going on. The rapper sends one after the other messages to the world, what a lot of followers and several media concerns. They wonder if he is still all in a row has are in his brain, but according to Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian is absolutely not necessary. The realityster posted a number of tweets in which they express makes it ‘scary to find out how her husband is being treated by the media”.

“The demonizing of my husband makes me worry. After several tweets are Kanye very quickly in a box and put away, and calls on everyone but seem to be that he has mental problems. That is not funny and not fair. He is just himself and is actually on its way. He can say what he wants. He said goodbye to his manager and other people with whom he worked, is purely a business decision. I’m just glad that he’s on this way to the outside, how he will now have to work want to go, there are exciting things to happen,” says Kim.

“He is always a free thinker and since when can’t do that anymore in America? Just because he has different ideas than you? To then immediately call that someone has mental problems is going to far. He has a number of things said about Trump, which many people, including myself, do not agree. But that is HIS opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Kanye will never have the hearts of everyone to steal, because he is who he is and therefore I love him. Kanye is far ahead of its time.”

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