Karin Flowers dresses way

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Karin Flowers, next season, again with her band the theatres. Her new solo programma Souvenirs will be in the whole of the Netherlands, they made Thursday known. Fans of Karin Flowers this evening the chance to get something personal of the comedian in their possession to get, she says.

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“Each performance will be I among the public a number of items like a dress, shoes, or perhaps a tent,” says Flowers. The theater is “an old-fashioned Flower-show”, with both old and surprising new songs, unpredictable conferences, hilarious characters and beautiful dresses.

“Like everyone in life I also have a lot of souvenirs. Sometimes hitting your house and your head so full that it is high time to clean up. I’m going that literally: like an elephant, I go through my china cabinet for all ballast overboard to throw.”

The ticket sales from the tour will soon start. The playlist from Thursday on the website of Flowers.

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