Kanye West and John Legend to quarrel about Trump

e31e70a02827ed71d86b86b704b3dd99 - Kanye West and John Legend to quarrel about Trump

John Legend has in a private message tried to get Kanye West to get his opinion on president Donald Trump to reconsider. The husband of Kim Kardashian had anything to do with it and threw the conversation Thursday on Twitter.

“Hey JL (John Legend red.) here. I hope that you would reconsider to allow yourself to connect with Trump. You are much too powerful and influential to him and where he stands. As you know, mean what you say, really something for your fans. They are loyal to you and respect your opinion. A lot of people who love you feel betrayed, because they know how much evil Trumps policy does, especially for coloured people,” says the singer.

Then call Legend Kanye on to this is not a part of his legacy to be. But Kanye doesn’t think that about to change your mind. “I love you John and I appreciate your thoughts. That you my fans and my legacy involves is a tactic based on fear to my free thoughts to manipulate”, replies the rapper.

New single

This try John again. “Think free. Also think with empathy and in context. Your words and actions have consequences. A lot of love.” He closes the finish with a joke: “And since you have the messages post, let me add that I have a new single got released, haha.”

West to explain why he, the conversation online has thrown. “I have the conversation with John tweets to show that there are people around me who disagree with me and give their opinion. I respect everyone’s opinion but I stand by my point of view,” explains Kanye. “If you feel something then you must not be manipulated by peer pressure.”

Kanye is since last month after almost a year of radio silence again to the twittering of the shot. The rapper threw out there on Wednesday but less than eighty tweets, and there he sat Thursday, happy to take it further. He tweeted that he largely agrees with Trump and that he loves him. A lot of media speculation that it is again not well with the mental state of the West.

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