Izaline Calister knighted

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Singer Izaline Calister is Thursday appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. She received the award from the hands of the Groningen mayor Peter den Elders to the city hall of Groningen.

Izaline Calister

Calister is distinguished as an artist by using her repertoire to bridge the gap between the traditional music of her native island Curaçao and jazz, with Afro-Caribbean influences, always sung in Papiamento. Thus, she is an important ambassador of the Curaçao culture in the Netherlands and abroad.

Friday, Koningsdag occurs Izaline Calister with Diggy Dex and Arnold Veeman, during the visit of the royal family to Groningen. Currently plays Izaline the last few performances of the revival of her muziektheaterprogramma Latin Diva. In the autumn a new cd in collaboration with Ed Verhoeff and Angelo Verploegen planned.

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