“Inexperienced Van Halst guilty by stupid decisions’

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FC Twente is just one defeat away from relegation to the Jupiler League. According to Henk Kesler, former director of professional football of the KNVB and a board member of the tukkers at the time of the demotion in 1983, there are some obvious offenders.

According to Henk Kesler, Jan van Halst and Erik Velderman point to as culprits.

“The current generation of drivers have the misery self-caused and must now also resolve. I resistance me violently against the view that this potential degradation is still on the account of Joop Munsterman must be written. I can see that quite different,” said Kesler.

“After the departure of Munsterman and Van der Laan had the then board good things made. Only the demands of the municipality of Enschede that that board would be replaced, leaving a very inexperienced supervisory board is to sit with the football completely inexperienced Erik Velderman, as general manager and as technical director inexperienced Jan van Halst in an undesirable double function. The stupid decisions they have taken, have ensured that the club in this situation is ended. This was my idea of total not have been necessary if there are experienced soccer folks were placed.”

Henk Kesler, and Prince Pieter-Christiaan in 2014 during the world cup match between the Netherlands and Australia.

According to the 69-year-old Kesler is going to FC Twente, it is very difficult to see if there actually is descended in the direction of the Jupiler League. “In 1983, grabbed the degradation is not wrong. I look really back with pleasure on year in the First Division. We turned a good season and knew by second to be immediately again to promote. In addition, we raised frequently more public than we had done in the Premier league. A big difference with the current situation is, that it then was easier for the selection intact, and everything on this level. We had a budget of around 1.8 million guilders, and that was all still manageable. Now it will be a hell of a job.”

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