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How anti-semitic is Ken Loach?

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The British filmmaker Ken Loach, who in his films time and time again social exclusion and discrimination, and condemns, in accordance with VUB-academics and jewish groups no honorary doctorate in Brussels. What is it exactly aangewreven?

Earn Ken Loach’s the title of doctor honoris causa at the Brussels university ULB? For his impressive film oeuvre already. But for his statements about Israel: on opinions …

Earn Ken Loach’s the title of doctor honoris causa at the Brussels university ULB? For his impressive film oeuvre already. But for his statements about Israel: therefore, the opinions diverge.

The criticism on the British director was swollen, the past days in French-speaking Belgium sharply. Jacques Brotchi, the MR-senator and professor emeritus who as a child during the Second world War had been in hiding with a Belgian family, continued the controversy last week, immediately sharp. He called Ken Loach, who are pro-Palestinian attitude never under chairs or sofas has been put, ‘an unadulterated antisemiet’.

What has Loach’s done wrong?

Ken Loach is no fan of Israel’s current politics, and he called repeatedly for a cultural boycott of Israel. But that makes him no antisemiet. So there is more to the story.

Loach was the first interesting to know that he flirts with the denial, the denial of the Holocaust. He made statements about that ambiguous to interpret fall. In a BBC interview, had the director, for example, said that ‘the history everyone belongs and again under the microscope can be’. With an explicit question about the Holocaust week he then, to point out an ethnic cleansing in Israel in 1948. (A transcription, you can find more here.)

A second point of discussion is the play Perdition , that Ken Loach in 1987, directed. He continued to defend, he is also criticised. The text of Jim Allen has the collaboration between nazis and zionists during the Holocaust as a theme. Central is the figure of Rudolf Kastner, the Jewish-Hungarian journalist who negotiated with Eichmann about the release of jews in exchange for gold and jewels. Allen added a fictional dimension. Also thirty years ago there was controversy about the piece: premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London was cancelled.

Opponents identify the band of Ken Loach with the Labourpartij of Jeremy Corbyn, who recently struggled with anti-jewish feelings in the partijrangen. (The Israeli Laourpartij has for that reason recently his links with the British prime minister.) Loach had opposed the British MP’s who walked out in a demonstration against anti-semitism. He found that they are behind Corbyn had scissors. Loach is a fervent supporter of Corbyn and when questions arise about the (alleged) anti-semitism of the Labour catalogeert Loach that as a new, unfounded attack on the elected president. (Read bv this piece in The Guardian.)

Loach had to clarify

ULB-rector Yvon Englet is the last day on continue to keep about the case. He thinks that Loach is not anti-semitism or denial to be blamed, so he declared Monday. To calm everybody down, asked Englet to Loach for an unequivocal statement. That came to prompt, via a press release. Ken Loach showed himself to be shocked that he had to justify it, but tweette nevertheless, an echo of his controversial BBC quote: “The Holocaust is a historical event just as real as the Second world War, which is not questioned.’

His opponents knew he was with this response doesn’t convince. Senator Jacques Brotchi called it ‘manipulative and abusive ” and lamented that there are no excuses formulated.

Rector ULB is behind the beslssing

Rector Englet in the meantime stay stoic in his position, also in the covered criticism of prime minister Michel last night. In an interview at La premiere of the RTBf defended Englet the autonomy of the ULB. ‘Do you think that the universities of Birmingham, Oxford and Liverpool, with the anti-semitism flirting?’, he turned the key question. The British director took over the past few years honorary doctorates at three British universities in receipt.

According Englet is a university is also not able to make a half-title to reach out. “The title of doctor honoris causa applies his work and commitment. His political position is a personal matter.’

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