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Hilarious scene in Copa Libertadores: winning goal on a bizarre manner disapproved

In the stoppage time of the team contest in the Copa Libertadores between the Colombian Independiente Santa Fe and the Brazilian Flamengo was the winning goal in a bizarre way disapproved.

Striker Geuvânio of Flamengo could be a ball interception, and he failed not eye-to-eye with the goalkeeper. The Uruguayan referee Daniel Fedorczuk, the goal, however, because he was right after losing possession of the second half and the final signal had let to reverberate. Fierce protests from the Brazilian players and trainer yielded nothing more. The match thus ended in a scoreloos tie.

In group D of the Copa Libertadores continues to Flamengo in the lead with six points from four matches Santa Fe is third with four points. The group further consists of the Argentine River Plate that second with five points and hekkensluiter Emelec from Ecuador (one point).

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