Hassle a brother and sister about dog tail

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MECHELEN – A brother and sister from Mechelen, who are continually arguing, inter alia, about their dog is Lovely, can each other of a judge, for a month, not more. Within a month, they are again at the right expected.

M. V. (54) and his younger sister Belinda have for a long time lived together. But the two are getting more and more words are exchanged. The little protagonist in the story is the little dog Lovely. This four-legged friend is Maurice owner, so he claims for the judge. But his sister Belinda says that it is also her favorite animal is and there is also paid.

“Regularly threatens Maurice to Lovely of the stairs to throw,” says the lawyer of Belinda. “Then comes the sister to the home of Maurice and there are many, many blame themselves. At the beginning of this year, the police had then also for the umpteenth time to intervene.”

Time out

In January, both were well above their water and beat Maurice, her one blue eye. The emergency services were turned on to the two fighting cocks to reconcile, but there must be an alternative solution be sought for this brother-sister-rel. The judge is already a social research is carried out to make a statement about the gekwispel between the two.

The judge suggested a ’time-out’ in to welding to see if the rest can return. “I’m going to take you both to the test and a month contactverbod impose. It must stop to threaten to ’Lovely’ in the channel to throw. Madam, I want you there not responding. Also, there may be no sms for more to be done, and Lovely comes from this afternoon to Belinda. I suggest that the people of Oikonde the dog. Sir, if you to this contactverbod not then wait for the prison. I want you here on the 23rd of may to see”, said the judge.

“That is not human”, answered Maurice.

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