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GIFCOIN – SoftCap has been reached

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The ICO project GIFCOIN has established a further milestone. The SoftCap has been reached, which means that the project has so far collected successfully the Equivalent of 5,000 ETH. At the same time, a good third of the 92.4 million tokens from Stage 5 have been sold.

The rush to the GIFcoin Token increases rapidly, accordingly also the number of investors increased, of course. Already now is distinguished from that of the ICO project GIFCOIN one of the most successful ICOs ever can be. The Interesting thing about this project is that it has an already profitable Business, but the fact that the project is in accordance with the ICO is no longer exposed to the risks associated with the crypto market. Vitalbet is not a Blockchain company but a traditional bookmaker.

– In other words, that the great volatility in the crypto market no influence on the course of the project, and it may be the investors don’t care where BTC or ETH in three months or in a year. What matters is the growth of Vitalbet through generation of new customers, the fun of the betting.

Of the investors, the project is praised continue to be in the highest tones. The high transparency and the hard work of the team contribute to a high degree.

In December 2018, there will be a first distribution of profits

For all of you that have not noticed it yet:

VitalBet, the Betting site behind the GIFCOIN-ICO-project will share each year, 80 per cent of the net profits with its investors.

Here is a distribution of profits in some distant future. No, the investors will receive their first dividend this year, in December 2018, in Ethereum on their Wallets paid off.

As the situation stabilized on the crypto market, this also means a higher marketing power of the GIFCOIN Teams, which is also reflected in the strong increase in sales of the token reflects.

Now from the 15 percent Bonus

In Stage 5 you will receive all 15% Bonus on your purchased GIF. So who is still not a part of this ICO should deal more deeply with the project, to be able to make an informed decision.

The Team is almost ready 24 hours around the clock and answered all the questions in the public Telegram Chat. Of the investors chat apart.

In Stage 6, the Bonus will shrink to 10 per cent for 77 million GIF.

All of the information to the ICO and the link to the Telegram Chat can be found on the website of the project:


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