‘Gang of Nivelles-team on dead rail’

c8f70ea87401438bb84595dcd914e4c7 - ‘Gang of Nivelles-team on dead rail’

BRUSSELS – The team that is investigating the notorious Gang of Nivelles in Belgium seems to be at a dead end. The researchers no longer believe that ex-gendarme Christiaan Bonkoffsky the prominent gang member ’The Giant’ was a message to the Belgian newspaper The Latest News on the basis of sources within the justice system.

The Gang of Nivelles made 28 fatalities, including raids on supermarkets (left). Right: opsporingstekening of ’The Giant’.

The brother of Bonkoffsky had declared that the ex-gendarme him just before his death had told that he with the gang was involved. For that hypothesis is no concrete substantiation found, says a source at the newspaper. “Actually, we are gradually reaching 99 percent sure that he was not, but to a dead man you can, of course, nothing more questions,” says another source.

The gang committed in the early eighties, a series of thefts and robberies on supermarkets. There were 28 deaths. The perpetrators are never caught. The research team was in February expanded to a male, or thirty. The idea was that ’The Giant’ had charge of the military style, executed robberies. The team will now focus on other theories.

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