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Fo Shizzle Ma Ripple – Snoop Dogg on XRP Community Night

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Ripple (XRP) is planning the XRP Community Night for mid-may. A special guest is part of the game: Gangsta Rapper “Snoop Dogg”. Who wants to be, you can win (more) Tickets.

In terms of market capitalization, Ripple (XRP) currencies currently number three on the Crypto. Ripple is often called the “Bitcoin banks” in the crypto-Community. But the serious call is not scared to want to be “cool”. In the XRP Community Night, at 15. May in New York City, would like to. Ripple thank all of you who continue to develop the project, and “the good news about the Ripples are the advantages of spread” To include the Ripple-products, the XRP-network and the platform xRapid.

Guest Of Honor: Snoop Dogg

As the guest of honor Ripple Snoop Dogg invites. The Rap-legend of the American West coast already has experience with the corporate world to collect. In addition, Snoop Dogg has tried to do as an actor and runs a dedicated Website for the purchase of Cannabis products.

Also with the world of Krpytowährungen Snoop had already made contact. So, the Rapper of the mobile application RobinHood thanked in November of 2017 for their services. But also for the crypto world there were many points of contact with celebrities, to make the Mainstream on their technology. For example, the Project Coral Reef that offers a discount for the Merchandise, if you paid with Monero.

XRP Community Night

The event is intended as a “Give Back”Event for the Community. It is – as well as the validators-network-Ripple – only invited guests. Anyone who wants to participate has the opportunity to do so. On the morning of 26. April 16 PM PST, the Twitter Account @Ripple a Trivia Quiz. The first two people who can answer three questions correctly, get a Ticket. The second possibility is a “Make-The-Meme”Event on 2 is. May (15:30 PST), also on Twitter. We are looking for the subtitles for the two images, the is tweet @Ripple to this day.

The respective winners will be announced a day later.

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