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Flemish films are attracting fewer people to the cinema

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Flemish film productions last year 1.693.498 visitors to the cinemas lured. That is, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) in its annual report.

The total number of moviegoers of Flemish films, with 11 percent compared to 2016. Then it went to 1,895,262 visitors. In comparison with the past 10 years, the number is relatively stable, the VAF.

‘F. C. The Champions 3: Forever klokte on 31 december 2017 on 309.692 visitors. On march 15 of this year, was the counter already on 592.000. This brings the film on the eleventh place in the list of best viewed Flemish films of all time.

The top three of 2017 is completed by ‘The second face’ (214.048 visitors on 31/12) and ‘Le Fidèle’ (135.546 viewers on 31/12). A trend that continues to persist is that the large concentrations of moviegoers for a number of movies decreases. ‘One reason for this is that the cinema is only one of the possibilities is to movies to consume, what it sounds like.

In the field of video on demand put ‘The Premier’ the bioscoopsucces of 2016 on. The top five best watched movies on the VOD market is complemented with a ‘Dead Corner’, ‘Scum’, ‘Speechless’ and ‘Everybody Happy’. ‘The Prime minister’ was also the best selling title on dvd/blu-ray.

In 2017 were 86 Flemish (co -) productions at Flemish broadcasters, will be screened. Total voted 11.301.491 viewers. The top five ratings in 2017 is led by Brother, followed by ‘W. Witse the movie’, ‘Safety First: the Movie’, ‘Groenten uit Balen’ and ‘Allez, Eddy!’

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