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Failure for Arsenal: Griezmann gives ten People in extremis good starting point

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Arsenal has the heenwedstrijd against Atlético Madrid in the semi-finals of the Europa League cannot win. The home team was allowed to almost a full game against ten People play after Vrsjalko early two yellow cards picked up, but the Gunners benefited. Lacazette made on the hour, the 1-0, in the slot provided Griezmann for the vital equalizer: it was 1-1.

The Emirates Stadium was after the previously announced departure of manager Arsène Wenger under intense pressure for this match. The fantastic atmosphere inspired the players is clear, because the Gunners started the best to the party. Lacazette got after a few minutes, right away two good chances on the opening goal, but didn’t. The task of Arsenal seemed to be a lot easier to be when Sime Vrsjalko after nine minutes with his second yellow card and so red grabbed. And that for two very similar errors, because the Croat went down two times firmly at a London leg.

Oblak holds

At Half they were clearly the north lost after the early red card, what it resulted that their furious coach Diego Simeone still for the fifteen minutes to the tribunes was sent. Arsenal refused in the meantime from all the commotion take advantage of it. The Gunners fusilleerden the goal of goalkeeper Oblak, but held out with some impressive saves: both Welbeck, Champions as Monreal came not along the Slovenian goalie. Atlético came now better into the game and threatened Arsenal goalkeeper Ospina even several times with a few dangerous attempts. Especially Antoine Griezmann showed himself to be very industrious. A fun first half, but goals were not: 0-0 was the idle.

The second half started at a steady pace. Arsenal threatened, but could only rarely by the Madrid defence to break, and Oblak on the test set. After an hour, it was finally touch on a high ball in from a Manager, who by Lacazette flawlessly against the nets was gekopt. Arsenal was not satisfied with the 1-0 and went full-on looking for more goals. Especially Lacazette and Welbeck had a few good chances for the visitors was the puffing and blowing.

Griezmann does the bezoekersvak explode

Arsenal kept the match in control, but he lost the lead to extend. So it could happen that the Gunners in the slot the lid on the nose were: after a fantastic counter devoured Griezmann both But as the goalkeeper Ospina, and finally through the knee of Mustafi to the ball in the roof of the goal to the rams. The vital 1-1 was on the board. A final offensive Arsenal yielded nothing more, leaving Atlético Madrid with a great starting position for the second leg can commence.

The second leg is next Thursday at 21u05 in Madrid played.

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