Ex-stripper inherits tons of deceased customer

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Atlantic City – A former stripper from Atlantic City has the anger of the relatives of the HBO-ceo Micky Liu on the neck down by around €200,000 to inherit. A by the family instituted proceedings for that legacy to her to take this week by the voluptuous Veronica Beckham (34) brilliantly won.

Veronica Beckham would Micky Liu just as long as ’occupied’ until he is its beneficiary was his life insurance.

That writes the New York Post.

Micky Liu, a much too thick, ict-director at HBO, met the stripper in July 2014 in the Atlantic City’s Scores strip club. The two met each other, quickly enough, to know, to according to Veronica to speak of a ’perpetual friendship’. Barely a year later, was Liu, that heart disease, diabetes and suffering as a chronic alcoholic, was, found dead in his apartment in New York. He was 50 years old.

That friendship resulted, according to Beckham for that, he made her the beneficiary of his pension plan and life assurance.

Liu’s sister May trusted that not. She claims that Beckham, by her profession, able men in an unparalleled way in to palms. The judge urged this week that the stripper in that way, pressure on her brother. It is notable that the friendship has declined appeared after Liu are strippende girlfriend beneficiary had been made. Just before his death app Micky to Veronica that he missed and that he couldn’t understand why he has no contact with her could get.

Judge Rita Mella could not be otherwise than in favor of Beckham, judge. Sister May, was not declared admissible because only the previous beneficiary to the inheritance could be contested. And that was not May, but an ex-girlfriend of Micky Liu.

That does not mean that May Liu specify. “We are going to the judgment study,” so let her lawyer know.

And Veronica Beckham? Let know affected by the allegations. “There’s never been the case of sex, only friendship. And I have it never asked me to foster.” The comic strip world she has left behind. Currently she is a stylist in Miami and she is allowed to rapper Flo Rida to her clientele count on.

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