‘Evil men have my word hijacked

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The woman that the word ‘incel’ thought, says to The Guardian to be shocked by the vrouwonvriendelijke meaning the word has acquired.

An ‘incel’ is an ‘involuntary celibate’, an involuntary celibate. Alana coined the word more than two decades ago. She had a supportive community for eyes where men and women who have no sexual partner were, together, support may find. But in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian , she says, ‘evil men’ her word ‘hijacked’ and a ‘weapon of fear’.

Alana’s word has been recently known all over the world when bekendraakte that Alek Minassian was part of a misogyne ‘incel’sub-culture. Monday he drove ten pedestrians dead in the Canadian city of Toronto, mainly women. Something before he had even a Facebook post written in which he was talking about ‘the incelrebellie’ had.

‘This feels really not nice’, says Alana. “I feel like the scientist in nuclear fission, searched, and then discovered that as a weapon of mass destruction is used.’ Just as she felt guilty for ‘the monster’ in Toronto, ‘but I’m not responsible for’.

Further in the conversation with The Guardian of the woman, her surname would prefer not to published see, inter alia, the history of its movement from the cloth. She also says that “the amount of hatred and the exclusion of women” does not correspond with its original ideas.

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